thinkin' about spring travels

i am going to dinner this eve with some fellow kalamazoo metalsmiths to discuss our travels to Houston for the Society of North American Goldsmiths conference '10.  I know it seems far off (March--am i the only one that feels like it's getting earlier and earlier every year?), but it's still something to get excited about in advance.

i have personally been to the past four conferences (chicago, memphis, savannah, and philly). It all started in Chicago with a little push from my fellow classmate who basically signed me up by asking if i had a credit card and then 'conveniently' and subsequently lending me his laptop with the registration page all ready to go.  Thanks again. 

i think i was like 19 or 20 years old.  can't believe i saw ted noten as the keynote speaker (i'm pretty sure he smoked a cigarette on stage), karl fritsch spoke (i remember a brief explanation on sling casting), and ramon puig cuyas - all these iconic artists - i had no clue what i was seeing or what art jewelry even was back then (not that i have a clue now)... but i was pretty awestruck by the curious world of jewelry, and have not ceased to be since then.
so if you've never been, go.

Lynn {of bezhu studio}

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