don't be an idiot with the tweezers (paraphrased)

while laying in bed last night flipping through the pages of "form emphasis for metalsmiths" by Heikki Seppa(required read/resource for my class at penland), i came across this most hilarious and true statement. the wording is so matter of fact (don't be an idiot with the tweezers!)... i can't get over it.

"Among the many securing devices, the tweezer (self-closing) on a stand is much abused. Its proper use is so limited as to hardly justify owning one; its improper use is so common that it is surprising anything is ever accomplished with it."

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suzanne beautyman

a while ago we went to the museum of contemporary art detroit to see cranbrook's graduate show.  apparently it is not usually held at this location and is not usually such a mad house (it was very overwhelming).  i believe the cranbrook galleries are being remodeled. anyway, we really went to see work by suzanne beautyman.  i innitially met suzanne last year during a workshop she instructed while i was a student and she was in the midst of grad school.  the photos do not really do the work complete justice, but her display was really beautiful. see better and more photos of her work
herethis show is titled Oppulent Boarders, a series of brooches...

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midnight gardening

{i came home from work monday night to a silent house and an orange extension chord which i followed to our back door to find this gardening operation, terrarium style}