listening in the studio II

lisa mitchell is stuck on repeat...


everyday oddity

i was cutting a really ripe tomato with a pretty dull knife on the counter. the cleanup resulted in this pretty/somewhat creepy photo. thought i should share.

thanks for looking,



a shoutout to the 8/0's

these photos show some of the hours of sawing i have been partaking in with my 8/0 sawblades (a.k.a. the love of my life). i have always loved my jeweler's saw but particularly enjoy sawing as tiny as humanly possible. it's kind of scary how much joy these blades bring me. anyway, the objects below show some samples with various pigments for the final piece i am working on which will eventually be a necklace i think. {process shots of the cutting at the bottom.}

thanks for reading, I will eventually post the final piece.


listening in the studio

i have developed a habit of always having to listen to something while working in the studio and i thought it would be fun to share what is playing...

also, i am secretly learning conversational spanish. (entiendo un poco de espanol.) last night alissa came downstairs thinking that there was a mysterious spanish speaking intruder in our home. nope, just me practicing my spanish pronunciation with dr. paul pimsleur while sawing at the bench.

have a good weekend,