oh my! summer & all that

hello world!
i have been away from michigan almost all summer and without high speed internet.
most of the summer i was in connecticut but first i went to north carolina for a couple weeks at the beginning of june to take a class at the Penland school of crafts. (oh, sweet penland!) one of my favorite places. i actually have dreams once a month or so in which penland is the setting. so much can happen there in two weeks, it's amazing. my class was with Myra Mimlitsch-Gray, who is without a doubt one of the best teachers i have ever had. we learned various methods of forming/raising metal. so much hammering.. and... um.. i forged an f-ing spoon. it rocked my socks. here are some photos of unfinished projects mainly:
{we had an ice cream social with all our spoons (finished and unfinished)}
{in the process of polishing}
{then i made an extra tiny spoon, and extra tiny dish tray. my girl alissa made an extra tiny fork and enameled the tray for the penland scholarship auction. (it's like 1"x1"). the dish tray is an integral part of your everyday work study sweaty dish-washing life. but you love it because you're at penland and being sweaty and smelly suddenly seems like the best way to live}

so this makes me miss penland, i need to get back there soon.
if you've never been, go on.
i'll update the rest of my summer soon, too many photos for one post.

{thanks for reading}lynn