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the good news is, i'm alive. just pretend i was abducted by aliens {very friendly aliens}

so hi, how are you?

good? oh goooooooooood. 
things around here are gettin' weird to be honest. feels like the summer just started and simultaneously the end seems so imminent. i need a pause button. the three of us are taking route in different directions come the end of july. i'll finally be leaving kalamazoo after 7 years of calling it home. then i'll be headed off to grad school, to work my ass off, and try and make something of myself.

so of course this summer we are trying to accomplish a lot of things before we leave. like swimming in lake michigan (a lot), eating ten thousand popsicles, getting long islands and shakin our booties at our favorite gay bar, and finding a new home for scary mary...
any takers?

{thanks for reading}