A week (or maybe even 2 weeks) ago, Alissa & I went to Grand Rapids to see the Alexander Calder Jewelry exhibit at the Grand Rapids Art Museum.  We went on the last day it was open of course. I had not been to the museum since they remodeled it years ago, it's really quite nice. We also saw the "Artprize" winning piece from last year which is a giant oil painting (that looks like a photograph) of what I assume to be the waters of Lake Michigan. It's a very comforting piece.

The Calder show was just outstanding.  I was blown away with a lot of the pieces in the way that I cannot believe he was making this type of work in the 30's. Many of his pieces were actually created as loving gifts to his wife and others in his life, which i thought was really sweet and honest.  The work is all hammer-hammer-hammer-cold-connected, but movable and lovely and simple. It all looks like gold, but most is brass. I forget to love brass sometimes. Once again, I only have a few images as I was not allowed to photograph in the museum, but I did anyway (please do not hate me, it was done only in adoration).

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listening in the studio III

something you might not know about me,
i have a weakness for rap music.
get this album.


variations of home

these works are from of a thesis exhibition by a friend of ours, erica stephens. the work is all in ceramic and is dealing with the idea of home and what it might mean to other people. erica was in many of my jewelry classes while i was in school but decided to get her bfa in ceramics instead of metals. check out the jewelry influence! you can take a girl from jewelry but you can't take the jewelry out of the girl (or whatever cliche thing it is that people say). anyway, it really pleased me to see these little ceramic decal "home" pins.

on another note, it's always a little uncomfortable to go back to school and in the gallery after having graduated. i end up feeling like i want to get out of there which is too bad because i enjoy showing up and supporting other artists. i think there is definitely pressure after graduating to sort of get out of town or do something "great" outside of kalamazoo. but the thing is, you can do something meaningful anywhere you are. it just might involve an occassional pep talk and reminding yourself to go and brush ya shoulders off (thanks jay-z).

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KIA Area Show

Last night was the opening for the West Michigan Area Show at the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts. There were many nice pieces and it's great to see the enthusiasm for the arts in Kalamazoo and great work coming out of the area. Alissa has a necklace in the show and she will hate me for bragging for her, but she was awarded the Daniel J. and S. Denise Fletcher Award for exceptional jewelry. Truly, her piece rocks my socks. I will show you some of my favorite pieces (well, the pieces i photographed before i was reprimanded by the guard... it's good to break the gallery rules, no?)

{the piece is tited "Tchotchke" and is made of sterling silver, wood, plaster, wax, pigment}
{alissa & caroline chatting}

{another favorite piece at the show by Maureen Nollette titled "White" and made of a length of ribbon and straight pins.}

{below-- a brooch by Devin Ragotzy - copper, paint, plastic, paper}

{textile work by Jennifer Moss}

{photography by George Crow - the background should be black but there was a lot a reflection, it's like he's standing in the gallery, actually this guy really was in the gallery}
{"frenzy bowl" by wade macdonald}

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i wanted to post these on sunday when they were taken, but my internet wasn't letting me. these are alissa's two bunnies, roxanne and moose. roxanne wanted our raspberry/blueberry pancakes. they are crazy furry beasts, but exceptionally cute.

so, happy spring! (it finally feels like it) go out and absorb the sun when it isn't raining. and, well, absorb the rain when it isn't sunning.