KIA Area Show

Last night was the opening for the West Michigan Area Show at the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts. There were many nice pieces and it's great to see the enthusiasm for the arts in Kalamazoo and great work coming out of the area. Alissa has a necklace in the show and she will hate me for bragging for her, but she was awarded the Daniel J. and S. Denise Fletcher Award for exceptional jewelry. Truly, her piece rocks my socks. I will show you some of my favorite pieces (well, the pieces i photographed before i was reprimanded by the guard... it's good to break the gallery rules, no?)

{the piece is tited "Tchotchke" and is made of sterling silver, wood, plaster, wax, pigment}
{alissa & caroline chatting}

{another favorite piece at the show by Maureen Nollette titled "White" and made of a length of ribbon and straight pins.}

{below-- a brooch by Devin Ragotzy - copper, paint, plastic, paper}

{textile work by Jennifer Moss}

{photography by George Crow - the background should be black but there was a lot a reflection, it's like he's standing in the gallery, actually this guy really was in the gallery}
{"frenzy bowl" by wade macdonald}

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