A week (or maybe even 2 weeks) ago, Alissa & I went to Grand Rapids to see the Alexander Calder Jewelry exhibit at the Grand Rapids Art Museum.  We went on the last day it was open of course. I had not been to the museum since they remodeled it years ago, it's really quite nice. We also saw the "Artprize" winning piece from last year which is a giant oil painting (that looks like a photograph) of what I assume to be the waters of Lake Michigan. It's a very comforting piece.

The Calder show was just outstanding.  I was blown away with a lot of the pieces in the way that I cannot believe he was making this type of work in the 30's. Many of his pieces were actually created as loving gifts to his wife and others in his life, which i thought was really sweet and honest.  The work is all hammer-hammer-hammer-cold-connected, but movable and lovely and simple. It all looks like gold, but most is brass. I forget to love brass sometimes. Once again, I only have a few images as I was not allowed to photograph in the museum, but I did anyway (please do not hate me, it was done only in adoration).

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