our home studio

we have been blessed with an old home that has multiple unnecessary rooms to the everyday person, but very very necessary to us. we have 2 living rooms. so what better place to set up a studio but the largest room in the house? it is also nice because the room can be separated by two sets of pocket doors to stop the kitties from entering or to muffle the sounds of hammering while your roommate is taking a nap on the couch in the next room. it's helpful.

anyway, the studio is a little tight with the three of us in there, but very functional. as long as you have the essentials, a bench (or table), bench pin, hand tools, an acetylene torch, and a crock pot for your pickle, you're good to go. (a decent chair is also pretty crucial - one that goes up and down - we bought chairs over the summer one day and it improved our lives more than i can say). you can do a lot with very little equipment. sometimes it seems like limiting your available materials or processes can help you discover little tricks or experiments that yield some interesting results. i like to think of it as a challenge.

{here is a photo of our studio {kind of a mess, but necessary}}

{my bench}

    {alissa's bench}
{sewing corner by day, photo booth by night}

{thanks for reading!}

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