so it begins...

Bezhu studio is the place where we work. We also sleep here, eat here, tend to our two huge cats (which are basically small mountain lions), and occasionally when we’re feeling particularly sassy, we push aside the soldering bench for small dance parties.

The house/studio (a metals and jewelry studio) is in Kalamazoo, Michigan and is really in a duplex. Which means our neighbors (the people whom we share a wall with) have to hear the incessant sounds of hammering and undoubtedly are wondering what exactly is going on when they drive in and see through our living room window the three ladies running around like mad scientists in aprons with safety glasses, torches, and bowls of various liquids.

We intend to use this blog to show (individually and as a trio) what we are working on, what we are looking it, and to encourage a conversation.

Please check back for upcoming posts…

[Lynn, Alissa, and Liz]

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