houston & sunny weather

Ok. Last week I went to Houston TX for the SNAG conference. I had a wonderful time meeting people, re-meeting people, seeing great shows, lectures, etc. Sadly, I took zero photographs. What was I thinking? I have a goal now, take more photos!!! And hopefully I will also be getting a nicer camera soon (i'd like to give a shout out to my tax return). Anyway, the conference also made me realize a billion other forgotten goals I have for the upcoming year. The winter made me forget a few things, I think I was in a snow coma for half of it. But hey, we made it through.

{Above are a couple photos of a ring I dontated to the silent auction at the conference. It's sterling and hand cut suede.}
It's good to be back in Michigan now it's sunny and 60 degrees. I went for my first bike ride further than the library (where I work). I went out to the Kal Haven trail head & I can't wait to ride out on it when i have more time. It is a total gem (photo opportunity)! It runs from downtown Kalamazoo all the way to Lake Michigan. I have never trecked the entire 33-miles (66 if you go both ways)...perhaps a summer goal...?

Will post later,

thanks for reading y'all.Lynn

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